Luna Star’s New Video “I Need a Masseuse”

Luna Star is being featured in a new video over at Fantasy Massage together with Charles Dera. It’s called “I Need a Masseuse” and was published earlier today.

When Luna Star walks into her appointment, she’s surprised to find Charles Dera there instead of her masseuse. When she asks what happened to Maria, Charles informs her that she couldn’t make it as she had a family emergency to tend to. Luna gets immediately uncomfortable. She’s married and doesn’t want anyone but her husband touching her. But Charles assures her that he has an array of clients that includes both males and females and that she has nothing to worry about.

When she finds out she can’t get a refund, she reluctantly agrees. She asks him to leave so she can get undressed. He starts massaging her but Charles just can’t stop talking. Luna has to ask him several times to be quiet but he ignores her. He massages her legs and her thighs noticing that there’s a lot of tension built up there. Realizing he’s got way too much oil on his hands, he starts wiping it off on the towel that’s covering Luna’s ass.

When she protests, he simply ignores her and continues to massage her ass. She turns around so she can regain control of the situation but it’s no use. He starts working on her inner thighs and moves up to her tits saying that he feels a lot of tension there as well. When she asks him to remove his hands, he puts them on her pussy and starts playing with her clit. He’s dealt with her kind before, bossy women with an attitude who haven’t gotten fucked in months. He’s here to provide a service and he’s gonna give her exactly what she needs!

Previews of photos related to “I Need a Masseuse” with Luna Star:

Luna Star: I Need a Masseuse - 1

Luna Star: I Need a Masseuse - 2

Luna Star: I Need a Masseuse - 3

Luna Star: I Need a Masseuse - 4

Luna Star: I Need a Masseuse - 5

If you’re a member of Fantasy Massage then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.

Luna Star Starring In “Fucking On The Mill”

Reality Kings is pushing a new video starring Luna Star and Logan Long. It was published on Jan 7th under the name “Fucking On The Mill”.

“Luna Star woke up a little earlier in the morning to get in her workout before her extremely busy day got under way. While she was running her mile run on the treadmill her boyfriend woke up with morning wood. Especially after seeing her perfectly plump ass move up and down on the treadmill. He started stroking his dick while ogling her and did his best to leave her be but he couldn’t resist. He offered to help her with the settings and when she stepped off he climbed on top of the treadmill and left his dick at the perfect height for her to suck his dick while continuing to jog. Luna has the kind of body that gets your heart pumping and makes you burn calories just sweating her amazingly hot figure.”

Previews from “Fucking On The Mill” with Luna Star:

If you’re a member of Reality Kings then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.